World Manufacturing Production (Report)

Published on: Thursday, 07 Sep 2017

Each quarter, UNIDO Statistics publishes a report summarizing current growth trends in world manufacturing production across countries and major sectors. The report is based on production data, which is collected and published by National Statistical Offices (NSOs) in UNIDO’s member states. This is the first statis...Read more...

Industrial Development in CIS (in Russian) (analytical report)

Published on: Tuesday, 01 Aug 2017

Traditionally, in the CIS countries, the industry was and is a key driver of the social and economic development. This becomes especially obvious now, when these countries are getting deeper involved in the process of globalization of the world economics. The country borders become more and more transparent for the industrial activities and the ...Read more...

Statistical indicators of inclusive and sustainable industrialization (EBook)

Published on: Wednesday, 01 Mar 2017

UNIDO is recognized as a custodian agency for maintaining database for indicators under SDG 9, monitoring the the progress and reporting to Inter-Agency and Expert Group on SDG indicators (IAEG-SDG). The publication presents the source and methods of compiling these indicators and describe the baseline scenario with currently available data.

...

International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2017 (Book)

Published on: Thursday, 23 Feb 2017

The International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics is one of UNIDO’s major statistical publications. It presents detailed, country-specific, business structure statistics. The Yearbook presents the annual figures on global manufacturing growth and structure. More current estimates are presented ...Read more...

World Statistics on Mining and Utilities 2016 (Book)

Published on: Monday, 01 Aug 2016

This biennial publication provides a unique overview of the role of mining and utility activities in the world economy, presenting detailed time series data on the level, structure and growth of such activities by country and sector. World Statistics on Mining and Utilities offers country level data on the nu...Read more...

Development of the Manufacturing Industries of Oman: Preparing for the Future (Analytical Report)

Published on: Friday, 01 Jul 2016

Oman’s economy, like those of its neighbours in the Gulf region, is strongly dependent on hydrocarbon revenues and foreign labor. The manufacturing sector of Oman has a crucial role to play in the structural transformation of the oil-dependent economy towards a sustainable economy that is competitive in...Read more...

International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2016 (Book)

Published on: Tuesday, 01 Mar 2016

The International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics is a flagship publication of UNIDO and provides economists, planners, policymakers and business people with worldwide statistics on the current performance and trends in the manufacturing sector.

The Yearbook is designe...

Annual Industrial Survey 2013, Oman (Statistical Report)

Published on: Tuesday, 01 Dec 2015

Oman is a middle-income country in the Gulf region with notable oil and gas resources, a substantial trade surplus, and low inflation. As in most Gulf countries, hydrocarbons form the most important sector in Omani economy, with crude oil accounting for over 25% of GDP in real terms. This proportion is now in...Read more...

Practical Guide to Compiling the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) for CIS countries (in Russian) (Report)

Published on: Monday, 02 Nov 2015

This report represents the first Russian language version of the “International Recommendations for the Index of Industrial Production”, summarizing the methodological guidelines behind the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) by UNDESA (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs). The...Read more...

Ulaanbaatar City Group on Statistics for Economies Based on Natural Resources (Proceedings)

Published on: Monday, 01 Dec 2014

As the world’s natural resources continue to decay and the environmental challenges deepen, the need to develop viable solutions for resource-efficient industrial production becomes increasingly critical if the high and rising global demand for energy is to be met. Moreover, with the changing global geogr...Read more...

Statistical Business register and its use in industrial statistics (in Russian) (Report)

Published on: Saturday, 15 Nov 2014

The statistical register of business units plays a crucial role in economic statistics in general and in industrial statistics in particular. It not only serves as a framework for regular data collection but also provides important information on business demography. The development of a such a register is im...Read more...

Development of Manufacturing Industries in Nepal (Report)

Published on: Saturday, 01 Nov 2014

Since 1964/65, Nepal’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has conducted the so-called Census of Manufacturing Establishments (CMEs) with five years interval to monitor and evaluate the performance of the country’s manufacturing sector. The census covers all manufacturing establishments located wit...Read more...

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