Second technical workshop on nowcasting in international organizations

25-26 May 2022, 14:00 – 17:00 (CET) 




Nowcasting methodologies: Advances and practical resources

Daniel Hopp, UNCTAD


The Business Cycle clock: Coping with data uncertainty

Rosa Ruggeri Cannata, Eurostat


CO2 emissions from air transport: A near-real-time global database for policy analysis

Daniel Clarke, OECD


Consistent country-and regional-level nowcasts of industrial production

Fernando Cantu-Bazaldua, UNIDO


Full lifecycle of a nowcasting project: UNCTAD's work and experience

Daniel Hopp, UNCTAD


Nowcasting global poverty

Daniel Gerszon Mahler, World Bank


Projecting extreme poverty by sex and age at the global, regional and country level

Ginette Azcona and Antra Bhatt, UN Women


Recent experiences with poverty nowcasting at the regional level

Xavier Mancero and Alvaro Fuentes, UN ECLAC


Using high-frequency data to track the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on labour markets

Roger Gomis, ILO


Methods used for producing population estimates and projections

Vladimira Kantorova, UNPD


Anticipating risk hotspots in the Sahel: The Sahel predictive analytics project

Jana Birner, UNHCR


UNHCR Nowcasting dashboard on cross-border forcibly displaced populations: production and dissemination process

Giulia Del Panta, UNHCR


Monitoring land use in OECD cities using satellite imagery and deep learning

Rudiger Ahrend, Paolo Veneri and Alexandre Banquet, OECD


Food price inflation nowcasting and monitoring

Christian Mongeau, FAO


Estimating food price inflation from partial surveys

Bo Pieter Johannes Andree, World Bank


Predicting food insecurity globally: A deep dive into nowcasting, forecasting and demystification

Duccio Piovani, WFP


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