Competitive Industrial Performance Index 2020: Country Profiles ( Report)

Author(s): Valentin Todorov
Published on: Friday, 03 Jul 2020

The CIP Index, edition 2020 draws a picture of a global manufacturing sector recovering in strength in context of a macro environment that has been shaking by economic and political insecurity and reduced trust in the benefits of globalization. Across countries, changes in industrial competitiveness are indicative of new leaderships, potentials and pitfalls as the world sees a renewed role for manufacturing—particularly, manufacturing driven by the new innovation and technology race of Industry 4.0—as key to securing inclusive and sustainable development. It gives, for each of the countries included in the CIP Index, edition 2020, a graphical summary capturing their competitive industrial performance relative to their performance in previous years and compared to that of the rest of the world. A Reader’s Guide describes the elements of the country profiles in depth.


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