Competitive Industrial Performance Report 2020 (Report)

Author(s): N. Correa, V. Todorov
Published on: Wednesday, 28 Apr 2021

The 2020 edition of the CIP report provides a global overview of the competitiveness of countries’ industrial performance around the world, by ranking 152 countries using a composite index based on three dimensions:
1) the capacity to produce and export manufactured goods;
2) technological deepening and upgrading; and
3) world impact.
Additionally, this edition of CIP report presents two particularities: it connects the recent COVID-19 pandemic with countries’ industrial competitiveness during the pre-pandemic period and it takes a regional focus, that is, it includes an extensive analysis on the industrial competitiveness of Africa, starting with an assessment of specific macro aggregates and concluding with the data availability and quality of industrial statistics in the region.

 (updated on 25/05/2021)

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