Development of Manufacturing Industries in Nepal (Report)

Published on: Saturday, 01 Nov 2014

Since 1964/65, Nepal’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has conducted the so-called Census of Manufacturing Establishments (CMEs) with five years interval to monitor and evaluate the performance of the country’s manufacturing sector. The census covers all manufacturing establishments located within the geographic boundary of Nepal engaging 10 or more persons. CBS publishes a large amount of information on Nepalese manufacturing establishments through the CME data including number of establishments, employment, employee benefits, investments, input, output, value added, etc. The CME 2011/12 is the tenth in the series.

This report provides an overview of Nepal’s manufacturing sector using CMEs data from 1991/92 to 2011/12. It is the first of its kind published by the CBS and goes beyond a mere presentation of the census results towards a more insightful analysis. It presents and analyses the performance of Nepal’s manufacturing sector and its social, environmental and regional impact. The information will assist policymakers and planners to develop appropriate policies and strategies for the manufacturing sector’s development.

Read the report here.

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