Published on: Wednesday, 11 Sep 2019

As the Sultanate of Oman moves towards the completion of the
Ninth Five Year Development Plan, the last stage of the
country’s long-term development plan (Vision 2020), it
contemplates whether the overall objectives were met. For a
long time, Oman has recognized the need to accelerate its
national structural transformation through industrialization
and economic diversification to promote a post-oil economy from
which all citizens may benefit. The private sector, in
particular, the manufacturing industries, have been placed at
the center of this transformation given its potentials as an
engine of economic growth and employment opportunities across a
wide specter of skill-levels (see the UNIDO Industrial
Development Report Series).

Development of Manufacturing Industries in Oman, Edition 2018
is an update of the 2015 report with the primary purpose to
review Oman’s manufacturing sector development and performance.
It is primarily based on data from the Annual Industrial
Survey, the improvement of which has been the core outcome of a
technical cooperation project between Oman’s Ministry of
Commerce & Industry (MOCI) and the United Nations Industrial
Development Organization (UNIDO). By increasing Oman’s
capability to produce manufacturing sector statistics on the
level with best international practices, the project seeks to
develop the country’s statistical infrastructure and enhance
the institutional capacity of the government. The Survey covers
manufacturing establishments engaging ten people or more from
which it collects a wide range of data covering basic
information about the people they employ (compensation, gender,
nationality) and their activities (cost of materials, selected
operating expenses and energy consumption, sales of goods
manufactured and value added, capital expenditures and
inventories). Such data gives insights on industrial trends and
structures, enabling a detailed assessment of Oman’s industry

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