Statistical Business register and its use in industrial statistics (in Russian) (Report)

Published on: Saturday, 15 Nov 2014

The statistical register of business units plays a crucial role in economic statistics in general and in industrial statistics in particular. It not only serves as a framework for regular data collection but also provides important information on business demography. The development of a such a register is important for the construction of reliable industrial statistics and is a major element contributing to the industrial development of a country. With increased integration and globalization of production processes, maintaining a register has become ever more complex.  

This paper describes the experiences of different countries in the CIS region of maintaining a statistical business register. Industrial statistics in these countries are undergoing an important transformation process towards harmonization with European and international statistical standards. The success of this process will depend on the quality of their business registers in terms of coverage, reliability and international comparability. To this end, UNIDO is implementing a technical assistance project in the region with the main objective to secure the harmonization of local industrial statistics. The paper accounts for the implementation of the project.

Read the report here.

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