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Technical Workshop on Nowcasting

Technical Workshop on Nowcasting

Second technical workshop on nowcasting in international organizations

25-26 May 2022, 14:00 – 17:00 (CET) 




Nowcasting methodologies: Advances and practical resources - Daniel Hopp, UNCTAD




The Business Cycle clock: Coping with data uncertainty - Rosa Ruggeri Cannata, Eurostat




CO2 emissions from air transport: A near-real-time global database for policy analysis - Daniel Clarke, OECD




Consistent country-and regional-level nowcasts of industrial production - Fernando Cantu-Bazaldua, UNIDO




Full lifecycle of a nowcasting project: UNCTAD's work and experience - Daniel Hopp, UNCTAD




Nowcasting global poverty - Daniel Gerszon Mahler, World Bank




Projecting extreme poverty by sex and age at the global, regional and country level - Ginette Azcona and Antra Bhatt, UN Women




Recent experiences with poverty nowcasting at the regional level - Xavier Mancero and Alvaro Fuentes, UN ECLAC




Using high-frequency data to track the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on labour markets - Roger Gomis, ILO




Methods used for producing population estimates and projections - Vladimira Kantorova, UNPD




Anticipating risk hotspots in the Sahel: The Sahel predictive analytics project - Jana Birner, UNHCR




UNHCR Nowcasting dashboard on cross-border forcibly displaced populations: production and dissemination process - Giulia Del Panta, UNHCR





Monitoring land use in OECD cities using satellite imagery and deep learning - Rudiger Ahrend, Paolo Veneri and Alexandre Banquet, OECD





Food price inflation nowcasting and monitoring - Christian Mongeau, FAO




Estimating food price inflation from partial surveys - Bo Pieter Johannes Andree, World Bank




Predicting food insecurity globally: A deep dive into nowcasting, forecasting and demystification - Duccio Piovani, WFP