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UNIDO’s World Manufacturing Report for Q1 2024 is now available

Global production remained stationary during the first quarter of 2024, further extending the lukewarm performance registered since the second half of 2022. In the previous quarter, it recorded a moderate growth of 0.9 per cent.

On a more detailed level, industrializing economies have been able to increase their production level over the past years and reached a quarter-over-quarter output growth of 1.4 per cent, leaving behind industrial economies. The latter reported a stalled performance in the current quarter.

Industries classified as medium-high and high technology (MHT) have outperformed other manufacturing sectors in recent years. Nevertheless, this group recorded a slight output reduction of 0.1 per cent in the first quarter of 2024, while other manufacturing industries reverted recent declines and registered a quarterly growth of 0.8 per cent.

This report presents the latest trends in manufacturing production at the global level, as well as the performance of different regions, country groups and industries. The insights are based on quarterly indices of industrial production (IIP) available across the world. The full report and a summary of the latest data can be accessed here. The underlying data can be downloaded from the Quarterly IIP database.