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International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics

International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2022

Looking at the latest available data, two and a half years after the onset of COVID-19, how did industrial sectors fare during the pandemic? Which regions and industries were most impacted, and which ones emerged stronger? Which of the ongoing industrial megatrends accelerated? What new trends are arising in the post-pandemic industrial landscape? These and other questions are answered in this 28th edition of the International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics, UNIDO’s main statistical publication. This report presents a snapshot of the current state of industrial sectors around the world, including a comprehensive account of the impact of COVID-19 in different regions and industries and the ensuing recovery. All insights are presented through dashboards, visualizations and concise analysis.

The newly redesigned Yearbook features an annually-changing thematic chapter. In 2022, this chapter is devoted to the role of industry in the sustainable development of least developed countries (LDCs); this in light of the most recent commitments agreed for these economies in the Doha Programme of Action for 2022-2031. Although LDCs comprise 14% of the world population, they make up for only one per cent of manufacturing value added. The chapter presents a statistical profile of industrial sectors in this group of economies, identifying challenges and gaps through relevant benchmarks. The publication closes with a call for strong policy support when it comes to empowering national statistical systems in collecting and compiling relevant high-quality data according to internationally harmonized standards.

Gerd Müller, Director General of UNIDO, mentions that this publication “serves as an indispensable introduction to the rich databases maintained by UNIDO and sheds light on the world of industrial development.