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International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2023

International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2023

The 29th edition of the International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics describes the performance of industrial sectors with the most recent data available. Through dedicated chapters on the manufacturing sector and the combined mining and utilities sector, it spotlights current trends in response to various crises and explores the impact on specific regions and industries, accentuating both challenges and resilience. Additionally, the publication investigates trade, competitiveness and other trends in the industrial landscape. Through dashboards, visualizations and concise analyses, the Yearbook provides a comprehensive overview of the current global state of industrial sectors and emphasizes the importance of empowering national statistical systems to collect and compile high-quality data in accordance with internationally harmonized standards.

A feature of the revamped Yearbook is its annually changing thematic chapter. In 2023, the focus is on the pivotal role of innovation in fostering sustainable growth within industrial sectors, aligned with UNIDO's commitments encapsulated in the slogan "Progress by innovation."

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