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UNIDO Statistics Portal API

UNIDO Statistics Portal API


With the newly redesigned data portal, we have made significant changes to our APIs. 

Our data API is now available in SwaggerUI, which can be accessed at:

Below are the available databases and instructions on how to access them:

INDSTAT Revision 3 ->

INDSTAT Revision 4 ->

IDSB 3 ->

IDSB 4 ->

National Accounts ->

Manufacturing Trade Database ->

Monthly IIP ->

Quarterly IIP ->

Country Profiles ->

Sustainable Development Goals 9 (SDG9)-> 


Accessing the above databases using the GET request, as mentioned above, will return a JSON response containing the following information about the database:

  • Database ID: This is a unique identifier and will be needed in other methods for obtaining data and metadata.
  • Country List: This list includes all countries with their names, UNIDO country codes, as well as ISO2 and ISO3 country codes.
  • Location: This indicates the country to which the request is being sent.
  • Variable List with Codes: This provides a list of variables along with their respective codes.
  • Activity List: Similar to the ISIC list, this includes activity codes and descriptions.


Please let us know if you need further assistance or information by contacting us under