World Manufacturing Production (Report)

Published on: Saturday, 05 Nov 2016

Each quarter, UNIDO Statistics publishes a report summarizing current growth trends in world manufacturing production across countries and major sectors. The report is based on production data, which is collected and published by National Statistical Offices (NSOs) in UNIDO’s member states. This is the first statistical publication by UNIDO to be released on quarterly data. While much economic research is done on the basis of detailed annual statistics on business structure, other international data users, especially policymakers and businesses, require more recent assessments of production trends.

The third quarter update for 2016 shows that world manufacturing output growth remained low during the period, reflecting a prolonged yet fragile recovery process in industrialized economies and weakened growth prospects in developing and emerging economies. Although the trend in world manufacturing growth has been relatively stable with a lower degree of volatility, there is no indication that the low growth rates will take a turn for the better any time soon. On the contrary, the uncertainty accompanying the political developments in transatlantic relations may have an impact on global trade arrangements and pose a risk to the economic climate. However, compared to the same period in the year before, world manufacturing output rose by 2.4 percent in the third quarter of 2016; a trend observed across all country groups.


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