National Accounts Database

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The UNIDO National Accounts Database contains aggregate data at the country, region and group level for several national accounts indicators related to industrial economic activity. The database provides historical time series, starting with 1990 until the most recent year available, in current and constant US dollars (USD). The data is collected primarily from the United Nations Statistics Division and the United Nations Population Division; other national sources are used when appropriate.
The variables available include:
GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in current USD and constant 2015 USD
IVA (Industry Value Added) in current USD and constant 2015 USD
MVA (Manufacturing Value Added) in current USD and constant 2015 USD
It is worth noting the difference between MVA and IVA. Whereas MVA refers to the value added of the manufacturing sector only (corresponding to ISIC Rev.4 section C), IVA is a broader concept comprising the value added of the mining & quarrying, manufacturing, and utilities sectors (corresponding to ISIC Rev.4 sections B, C, D and E). Value added refers to the total estimate of net output, obtained by subtracting intermediate consumption from output.
The data in constant prices for the most recent year are estimated through a nowcasting model developed by UNIDO statisticians to improve the timeliness of the data.
The database is updated annually, although nowcasts are revised more regularly. In addition to its dissemination in the data portal, aggregates based on the UNIDO National Accounts Database are included in statistical tables and graphs of the UNIDO International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics and other publications.




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