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  • Welcome to
    UNIDO Statistics Portal
    Discover the power of global industrial statistics with the
    UNIDO Statistics Portal and gain valuable insights on
    inclusive and sustainable industrial development and structural transformation.
  • International Yearbook of
    Industrial Statistics
    The newly redesigned Yearbook serves as an introduction to UNIDO data and
    presents the latest trends on industrial development and performance.
  • Sustainable Development Goal 9
    SDG 9 promotes industry, innovation and infrastructure. UNIDO is a custodian agency for the SDG 9 indicators related to inclusive and sustainable industrial development. Explore our work towards measuring SDG 9 and track your country’s progress.
  • Country Profiles
    The Country Profiles present a snapshot of recent industrial trends by countries and regions and benchmark their latest industrial performance, all sourced from UNIDO databases.
  • Latest Trends
    Recent events have highlighted the importance of timely information for monitoring industrial development and guiding policy responses. UNIDO’s database of monthly indices of industrial production (IIPs) provides information on the sector that is comparable, consistent and timely available.
UNIDO Statistics Portal

Free access to our databases

As of February 2022, all our databases can be accessed for free and without the need to register.