UNIDO Embraces Open Data

Starting in 2022, all databases available at the UNIDO Statistics data portal are distributed under an open data policy. Among other things, this change means that users no longer have to pay a fee to access our databases. The motivation behind this decision is rooted in our strong belief that data have a crucial role in guiding programe and monitoring progress. UNIDO seeks to promote an evidence-based approach to industrial policy, and this requires a system of comprehensive and timely industrial indicators. We hope our data can contribute to this goal. For additional details on this change, please refer to the Terms & Conditions of the data portal.

In the coming months, UNIDO Statistics will introduce more changes to its data portal, including new indicators and products, as well as a newly designed website. Stay tuned!


Vienna International Center, Wagramerstr. 5, A-1400 Vienna, P.O. Box 300, Internet: www.unido.org/statistics/
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