Published on: Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020

In many countries, the mining industry is rapidly developing, generating substantial revenue and resulting in significant growth in those economies based on natural resources. The mining industry’s impact on the environment is expected to increase over time. This new wave of development of the mining industry is posing new challenges to national statistical institutions of both developed and developing countries with significant natural resources. Furthermore, there are deficiencies in the availability of mining statistics that are comparable across countries. The Ulaanbaatar City Group (UBCG) on statistics for economies based on natural resources was established to address methodological issues related to statistics on natural resources and contribute to improving international standards and methods for producing such statistics, by pooling expertise from various countries. This handbook is a joint product of a number of National  statistical Offices, UNIDO, IMF, UNESCAP & CISSTAT. The National Statistics Offices include Australia, Mongolia, Mexico, Russia, India, China, Kazakhstan, and Vietnam. This report would not have been possible without the leadership of the joint chairs of the late Mr Gerelt-Od Ganbaatar (National Statistical Office of Mongolia) and Mr Bruce Hockman (Australian Bureau of Statistics). The group would also like to acknowledge the work of Ms Badamtsetseg Batjargal (formerly of the National Statistical Office of Mongolia) who also steered the work of handbook. Section 6.4 on the external sector was drafted by Alicia Hierro from the Statistics Department of the IMF. The staff at the National Statistical Office of Mongolia provided secretariat support for the group, without whom this handbook would not have been produced. For a full list of participants see Annex 3.

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